About Us

Celebration means alot to us,

Celebration brings charms to us!

Celebration needs SHINGAR all the way;

Jewellerykraze knows and that is how it goes all your way

From sagai to vidai, to best buddy house party to old school reunion to kitty parties to path-poojas, every occasion needs to be dressed up with KrazyJewels !

We saas-bahu understood the need of adding fanciness to the festivals and events, hence bringing fancivity out not only to you but to your carry along gifts.

We are from small town where dressing décor needs to be worked out hard for its best. There upon we thought to dress you up with beautiful beads, metals, flowers and your presents with vibrant packs….

Jewellerykraze was started as a dream from a wooden study table to showroom n website now… Blooming since may 2019.

Click to go Krazy for neck-pieces, finger-rings, ear-rings, wrist-bands and more ornaments piled up for every season and occasion.

  • Floral for spring teej mehendi jewellery
  • Metal for your bold east n west looks
  • Beads all the way for royal look and many more
  • With you your gifts well set in bags, trays, baskets of fashion too

Events of life are events of pride.

keep celebrating with JewelleryKraze, Right.