Shakuntala’s Floral – Amanat Floral Mangtikka


Dispatch time : 4-5

This Floral Maangtikka can be customized in any color..

For bulk quantity or color customization, check our contact form in contacts us or leave us a WhatsApp msg at 7658023378.


*Shakuntala’s Floral Collection*
Take a break from limited traditional makeover. Move back farther in times, to explore more from ancient India. Records reveals that every era was rich and was unmatchable in creating its own fashion and culture…
Floral ornaments – an inspired collection from Shakuntala’s 5th century are on the way with new sustainable look….. We are transforming freshness n fragrance of  ancient flowers ornaments to colours n beads of modern floral jewellery collection…..
Celebrate the mehendi, teej, birthdays, pujas, perfect photo-shoot n more with our Shakuntala’s Floral Collection


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